How to make a great first impression with your business

Regardless of the industry that you operate in its paramount that your workplace should be maintained and cleaned to an impeccable standard. Grubby signage, dirty carpets and dusty desks all give off a negative impression that can cause potential customers to look elsewhere.

Below we will look at the some of the ways that a professional cleaning company, like Worcester City Cleaners, ensure that businesses and homes in Malvern remain appealing places to be.

Window cleaning

Window frames can be a hot spot for mould. If an area has poor ventilation, then a build-up of moisture can lead to black spot mould. With routine cleaning and dusting, windows can be kept free of toxic spores, and more significant damp issues detected early for future remedial work.

Black spot mould can also have a damaging effect on a person’s health, so by guaranteeing regular window cleaning, you provide a healthier working environment for your employees.

Carpet cleaning

Carpeting for a large business or office space is an expensive outlay so it would seem unusual not to invest some money in preserving the look and condition of them. With constant foot traffic, any carpet in an office space will quickly accumulate stains from spillages and visible dirt. Vacuuming will clear the surface debris, but only a deep clean, from a professional carpet cleaning company, will extract all of the dust and dirt.

Not only will regular carpet cleaning create a positive image for your business, but it will improve the quality of the air as we eradicate the trapped dust.

If you would like more information on how Worcester City Cleaners, a family-owned business based around Malvern, can help your business create a great impression then call our sales team today.