Why call a professional to restore water damaged carpets?

Your carpeting adds warmth and colour to your home or business, but can also create a poor impression if it looks dirty. When your home has been flooded due to extreme weather / burst pipes / leaking washing machine etc, your may consider disposing of the carpets. It looks dirty and probably is too, so why would you take a chance on a potential health hazard when a professional  clean can bring it back to its former beauty.

Cleaning and restoring your carpet after water damage can be quite a tough job, and in most cases professional assistance is required. A professional carpet cleaner understands everything related to this issue and will be able to conduct a thorough clean up and restoration job, maybe beyond your expectations.

The longer your carpet has been left, lowers the chances of restoring it back to its original condition. Minor water damage to carpets can sometimes be treated by the homeowner, but more severe damage will need a qualified professional. Professional carpet cleaners have specialist cleaning solutions / equipment, skills and expertise to clean affected areas and restore your carpet. They can also advise you on whether the carpet can be restored or not.

The restoration process moves quickly and efficiently and will help reduce your homes susceptibility to mould and mildew growth. Why not give us a call to discuss your particular situation and we will offer our honest and impartial advice.